Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I've been tagged!

The fabulous DawnAlexander  tagged me in her
Tell Me Your Story Tuesday
blog post.
Now it's your turn!
The rules are:
  1. Go to page 77 in my current manuscript
  2. Go to line 7
  3. Copy the next 7 lines/paragraphs and post them as they're written (no cheating!) 
  4. Pass the meme on to 7 other writers

So before I share my 7 paragraphs, here’s my blurb about my SEEK…
YA SF/Paranormal Romance
When shadows bite, it’s time to fight back. Seventeen-year-old SEEK agent Keira Donavan knows her job—Search, Evade, Extract, and Kill the parasitic shadows, called Khayal. But when she encounters Jonathan Steed, her green-eyed sweet talking human target, she learns her life is a lie. Bitten by a Khayal, the huntress becomes the hunted. Keira and her unlikely ally, Jonathan, form a crusade of teenagers to resist an even more formidable adversary, their own government.

And here is my 7 from page 77…

“Spare me the speech.” I push back, knocking him out of the way and jerk on the cabin’s door, but the dumb handle doesn’t budge.
“Keira, I am attracted to you. That’s the problem. I feel – I feel bound to you. But, I don’t… I didn’t think you wanted…”
“I don’t.” I keep my back to him, fighting the angry tears lodged in my throat. “So you can lighten up. How do you open this friggen thing?” I shake the metal handle violently this time. I need air, space, sanity. I need to run.
He means nothing to me, I tell myself and beg my heart to believe it.
He brushes against me and grabs the handle, lifts it gently and watches my face as the door swings open. With one foot hoisted in the air, I’m ready to leap down the stairs into complete darkness, but I halt when Janet’s cool voice yanks my head around.
“I’ll wait for you,” her satiny voice purrs at Jonathan.
Foul thoughts stream in my head.

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