Thursday, February 14, 2013

Where’s the Love? Blog Hop
I know I haven't blogged in forever and a day. Personal drama and revisions have kept me away and I'm so sorry. But I think Valentine's Day is the perfect time to get back in the blog saddle and spread a little romance...

Between the Sheets is hosting a steamy blog hop to heat you up and leave you begging for more.

Here's a scene from my YA SF Romance, SEEK...

He takes my face in his hands. His mouth crushes mine. I’m hypnotized by his heat, his roving lips. Everywhere is Jonathan. Everything is Jonathan. Only joy, need and want.
 My hands grope him as if independent from my brain. They roam over the tight muscles in his neck, the smooth skin of his chest, the line of baby-fine hair that runs vertically down from his waist. My fingers bump the waistband of his jeans and I hesitate, temporarily distracted by high school memories of girls bragging about lewd things they’d done with random boys at parties. 
 I am not those girls. This is Jonathan and we’re in love. We’re not using each other for temporary gratification, so I take a shaky breath and forge on. His heart hammers as I hastily fumble with his zipper. 
His hand closes hard over mine. “Keira,” he breathes in my hair, “I don’t want to…” 
 I don’t wait to hear the rest. “Oh,” I gasp, jerking my hands away.
“You didn’t let me finish.” His hand is on my cheek again. “I don’t want to do anything that makes you uncomfortable,” he says, sweetly nudging my chin. 
“I’m not uncomfortable. I’m excited. There’s a difference.” Great, I sound like a child and I hate my voice for betraying me.
“You’re trembling,” he says holding my unsteady hand out as proof.
I try a different approach, one that involves me sounding as though I’ve asked this before. “Do you have protection?”

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