Saturday, April 9, 2016

Self Published Author Keeping it Real: Simple Marketing

Hello, you wonderful group of followers! You guys are absolutely amazing!

I've had this blog for close to five years now and I can't tell you how much your support has meant to me. It's been a long journey, one I've shared openly, of the many ups and downs to becoming a YA author. And now, as my release date approaches and I try my hand at self marketing (NOT as easy as it sounds!), I thought I'd share with you some of the social media posters I've been creating and sharing EVERYWHERE I can.

If you follow me on social media and you're already sick of seeing these, I apologize. I'm trying really hard not to be THAT author who just bombards you with their crap. I'm trying to mix it up by still posting my usual stuff and sneaking in my commercials on the side.

So here we go, my fabulous whatever-they're-calleds...

If you feel so inclined to share them, thank you! I love you! You're my hero!

Check out the fan made "SEEK Saga" fan page!
It's pretty friggen awesome and I stop by from time to time.

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